10 Nordic Snow Names

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1 Lumi

Lumi is the Finnish word for snow. It is quite a new name - it has been used since the 1950s and has become very popular during the last years. A variant, Lumisirkku (snow-bunting) and later Lumikki, is the Finnish name of Snow-white from the fairy tale.

2 Flykra

Flykra is the Faroese word for a (snow) flake, which is used as a given name as well.

3 Snæbjörn

This Icelandic name is a popular combination of name elements meaning 'snow' and 'bear'.

4 Aputsiaq

This is the modern spelling of Aputsiaĸ, a Greenlandic name meaning 'snow crystal'. Literally it means 'beautiful snow'.

5 Fanney

Fanney is an Icelandic combination of 'snow' and 'luck' or 'island' which is used in other Nordic countries as well.

6 Mjöll

Mjöll is the Icelandic word for 'fresh, powdery snow'. As a name element, the ö becomes an a: MJALL.

7 Snærós

Another Icelandic combination. The elements here are 'snow' and 'rose'. The element -rós ('rose') is quite popular in Iceland.

8 Pulmu

Pulmu is the Finnish vocabulary word for a 'snow-bunting' (bird).

9 Qinoq

This Greenlandic name (older spelling = K'inoĸ) means 'a mush of snow in the sea'.

10 Snær

Snær is the Icelandic word for 'snow'. It is most commonly used as a second name.