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Female/Male Both Genders Name


Greenland Greenlandic

Origin and Meaning

Greenlandic name of unknown meaning, maybe related to Qavaavak [1]

Related Names

Avuuvak ♀/♂ Greenlandic

See also Avôrtungiaĸ

Further Information

Greenlandic Mythology

  • The mythological figure Avuuvak appears in a number of legends in the Thule area, Avuuvak arnattartoq e. g., a so-called soul or name migrational myth, where the main character becomes a spirit and lives inside different animals and in the end is caught and eded up inside a woman's bosom to be born again among human beings. It was believed that these people were immune to witchcraft.


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Avuuvak.

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