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Female Female Name


Sweden Swedish
Denmark Danish
Norway Norwegian
Finland Finnish

Origin and Meaning

1) Latin spelling of Дуня (Dunya), a Russian pet form of Avdotya [1]

2) Serbo-Croatian name deriving from Greek kydonion malon = 'apple of Kydonia' (modern Khania, an ancient seaport city in Crete) = 'quince'

Related Names

Dunia Danish Finish Norwegian Swedish
Dunja Danish Finish Norwegian Swedish
Dunya Danish Finish Norwegian Swedish


Denmark - Danish
Nominative: Dunja
Genitive: Dunjas
Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Dunja
Genitive: Dunjan
Partitive: Dunjaa
Norway - Norwegian
Nominative: Dunja
Genitive: Dunjas
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Dunja
Genitive: Dunjas

Further Information

Earliest Documented Usage


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Dunja.

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