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Old Norse Old Norse

Origin and Meaning

Old Norse name of uncertain meaning. Theories include:

1) Old Norse forn-jótr = 'old Jutlander' (see also FORN) [1]

2) Old Norse forn-jǫtunn = 'old giant' (see also FORN and jǫtunn) [1]

3) Old Norse for-njótr = 'previous owner' [1]

4) Old Norse for-njótr = 'destroyer' [1]

5) Old Norse forn-þjótr = 'old bellower' (see also FORN) [1]

6) Old Norse forn-njótr = 'delighter in sacrifices' [1]

7) Old Norse fjǫr-jǫtunn = 'life-giant' [1]

Related Names

Fornjótr Old Norse

Further Information

Norse Mythology

  • Fornjótr is the name of the ancestor of a family (of giants?) in a legendary Norwegian pre-history set at the beginning of the Orkneyinga saga and, somewhat differently, in the Flateyjarbók. He is a king and his three sons are Hlér, Logi and Kari. [1]


  • The transcribed spelling Fornjotr is the name of a moon of Saturn


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Fornjótr.

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