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Old Norse Old Norse


Origin and Meaning

Old Norse name of uncertain origin and meaning. Theories include:

1) Old Norse form of Airdeconut [1]

2) Combination of HÖRD and KNUT (less likely) [1]

Related Names

Hardacnvt Old Norse
Harðacnvt Old Norse
Hardacnut Old Norse
Harðacvnt Old Norse
Harðacvnvt Old Norse
Hardechnud Old Norse
Hardecnudth Old Norse
Harðecnvt Old Norse
Hardeknut Old Norse
Harecnv Old Norse
Harecnvn Old Norse
Harecnvt Old Norse
Harðcnvt Old Norse
Hǫrðaknútr Old Norse

See also Hardegon

Further Information

Earliest Documented Usage


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Hǫrðaknútr.


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