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10 October 2020

Top 3

The most popular baby names in Denmark in 2019 were Emma (486 girls) and William (568 boys).

Emma has been a very popular name for quite a long time now. It entered the top 10 list back in 1995 and has been on the very top 7 times since.

Alma (453 girls) is on the second place. It entered the top 10 in 2015 after a fast climb. Very constantly in the top 10 and now no 3 is Clara (438 girls). It entered the top 50 at the same time as Alma in the mid-90s and climbed up to the top 10 a bit faster.

William (568 boys) reached the no 1 position in 2010 and really has come to stay. Only in 2015 it fell back to no 5 but was back at the top the year after.

Alfred (523 boys) entered the top 50 back in 2009 and the top 10 in 2015. The second place is its highest ranking until now. Oscar (514 boys) is no 3 for the third time in a row which is its highest ranking since entering the top 10 in 2012.

New Names on the Top 10 List

Agnes (no 7) and Olivia (no 9) are new names on the top 10 list of 2019. Ida and Josefine left the top 10 list.

Arthur (no 8) and August (no 9) are new among the boys. The names that left the top 10 instead are Victor and Valdemar.

New Names on the Top 50 List

New female names are Leonora, Merle, Molly (highest new entry on place no 37) and Mynte. The names that left the list are Caroline, Johanne, Naja and Vigga.

New male names are Erik, Matheo and Walter which entered instead of Laurits, Philip and Sebastian.

Highest Risers

Asta is the highest rising female name, from no 42 up to no 16. Anker is the highest riser among the male names, from no 47 up to no 33.

On the other hand there were some names that lost in popularity as well. The ones that fell deepest were Ida and Victoria among the female names, which both fell by 12 places in the ranking from no 1 to no 13 (Ida) and from no 21 to no 33 (Victoria). The deepest dive among the male names took Christian, from no 24 to no 39.

Top 50 List

The complete top 50 list you can find here.



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