Nordic Names Blog - Diary 23-2021

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3 May 2021 – 13 June 2021

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Personal Things Going On

If you wondered where I was all this time – well, we finally moved into our new house! Our days were filled with packing, unpacking, organizing, cleaning etc. We have come quite far by now but as we moved here from a much smaller flat and we got rid of some old furniture, there are still some pieces of furniture missing, e.g. for the dining room and for the hall. So I had almost no time to spend on Nordic Names at all which is quite unusual.

Last week I was thrown back into the world of Nordic names when I attended the 17th Nordic name researchers’ congress in Helsinki, Finland. The congress was held digitally due to the pandemic. And what can I say, it was fantastic! I learned so many interesting things about names again, met a lot of wonderful people and enjoyed every minute of it!

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