Nordic Names Blog - Diary 24-2021

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14 June 2021 – 20 June 2021

New Names

(Ongoing) Projects

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  • New Icelandic names approved in May
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Books in Progress

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Personal Things Going On

Summer has fully started now and the first days of heat were quite uncomfortable having to work both from home and in the office. Even at the weekends we cannot drive to the sea now because we still have some things to do at the new house and so we finally got a vaccination appointment for Malte (I was vaccinated two weeks ago, arranged by one of my bosses). When the thermometer is pointing towards 30 degrees Celsius, it is really hard not to long for the sea every minute. At least we managed to save this beautiful hydrangea, which we accidentally had put in a place which was too sunny. It seems to feel much better in this darker place.

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