Nordic Names Blog - Diary 4-2021

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25 January 2021 – 31 January 2021

(Ongoing) Projects

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Books in Progress

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Continued with the section Namn i –lev-namn

Name of the Week

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Name Element of the Week

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Letter of the Week


Personal Things Going On

After a busy but short week we spent a long weekend at the coast again to recharge our batteries, which worked perfectly well. Now on Sunday afternoon after a long walk along one of our favourite beaches, I feel full of energy for the next week. This week I continued to create and fill my new bullet journal and I started to do yoga. I would love to keep up doing this as they both seem to be relaxing and fun habits. I also created personal twitter and instagram accounts in order to start networking which is part of the Working Out Loud project I’m a member of (starting week 4 now).

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