Nordic Names Blog - Diary 7-2021

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15 February 2021 – 21 February 2021

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Personal Things Going On

Malte outsmarted the shower trap in our holiday home by constructing a small machine which can pump water from a bucket into the shower run which kept falling dry after three weeks of absence. The dry tests went well, so now it is time to see how it works in real life! I extended my daily yoga sessions from 10 to 15 minutes and it still feels fine and not boring at all (which still surprises me to be honest).

A little bit of bad luck: The door lock of our new house broke and had to be replaced (which was more expensive than expected), the dishwasher in our apartment broke as well and now we must do the dishes manually because we don’t want to exchange the dishwasher before we move. And last but not least: my glasses broke, and I had to book a time slot at the optician next week.

During one of our lunch break walks we found this impressive ice tower. What a nice idea! Have a nice last week of February!

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