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17 October 2020

The Numbers

The Faroese statistics usually provide us with the total number of names, even stating every name which only appears one time during the year. In 2019, you can find the names of 682 children on the Faroese list (343 girls and 339 boys).

They share 407 different names: 214 female names and 193 male names.

270 of the names (150 female names and 120 male names) only appear once.

Long and short names

The longest names on the list are Aleksandra and Kristianna (10 letters each) for the girls and Aleksandur (also 10 letters) for the boys.

The shortest names on the list are , and Ýr for the girls. The shortest male names are a bit longer: Ari, Jón, Nóa, Ári, Jan, Ási, Kim, Lui, Ove, Pól and Rói.

Beginnings and endings

The top three starting letters for girls are: E- (30 different names), A- (26) and on a shared third place M- and S- (23).

For boys they are: A- (20 different names), J- (18) and on a shared third place B- and H- (17).

The top three ending letters for girls are: -a (134!), -n (14) and -d (9). And for boys they are: -r and -n (both 39), -i (31) and -s (30).

Top List

The complete Faroese top list of 2019 you can find here.



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