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24 May 2020

Name fashions vary slowly but recognizably over the years. Nowadays the sound of a name is the most important factor for parents when they choose names for their children.

Looking at the endings of the current female top 50 statistics lists, it is quite obvious that a-endings are by far the most popular ones. In Sweden and Finland this is quite natural - it has been like that for centuries. In Denmark and Norway on the other hand, the E-ending used to be much more popular some decades ago.

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Please note: Our analysis of the name endings below concerns the sound of the name in the respective language, not the letter or the English sound .

Denmark Denmark

  • a-endings: 29
  • consonant-endings: 6
  • other vowel-endings: 15

The other endings in the current Danish top 50 are:

Finland Finland

  • a-endings: 37
  • other vowel-endings: 12
  • consonant-endings: 1

The other endings in the current Finnish top 50 are:

Norway Norway

  • a-endings: 30
  • other vowel-endings: 13
  • consonant-endings: 7

The other endings in the current Norwegian top 50 are:

Sweden Sweden

  • a-endings: 29
  • other vowel-endings: 9
  • consonant-endings: 12

The other endings in the current Swedish top 50 are: