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5 September 2021

Top 3

The most popular baby names in Finland in 2020 were Aino (276 girls) and Leo (356 boys).

Aino has been a very popular name for a very long time now. It has been a regular candidate of the Finnish top 10 list for 16 years in a row, topping it for the fifth time now after 2006, 2009, 2017 and 2019.

Olivia (252 girls) is on the second place. It entered the top 10 in 2018. Since 2009 in the top 10 and now no 3 is Sofia (244 girls).

Leo (356 boys) reached the Finnish top 10 in 2009 and 2020 is its fourth year at the very top after 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Eino (335 boys) has been among the top 10 names for 9 years now. The second place is its highest ranking so far. Oliver (326 boys) is on the third place again after 2019, which is its highest ranking since it entered the Finnish top 10 back in 2011.

New Names on the Top 10 List

High riser Pihla is new on place no 4 and Isla is new on no 7. Emilia left the top 10 list and fell from no 9 to no 17.

Toivo (no 9) is new among the boys. It is its first time in the top 10. The name that left the top 10 instead is Hugo (no 16).

New Names on the Top 50 List

New female names are Mette (no 43), Livia (no 45), Vilja (no 47), Ronja (no 48) and Vanessa (no 49). The names that left the list are Iisa, Veera, Anni, Hertta and Lotta.

New male names are Milo (no 32), Eemi (no 38), Edvin (no 43), Max and Akseli (shared no 46), Niklas (no 49) and Jasper (no 50), which entered instead of Lauri, Aleksi, Peetu, Aaro, Kaapo, Joona and Lucas.

Highest Risers and Deepest Divers

Hilma is the highest rising female name by 18 places, from no 47 up to no 29. Otso is the highest riser among the male names by 16 places, from no 36 up to no 20.

On the other hand there were some names that lost in popularity as well. The one that fell deepest was Vilma among the female names, which fell by 19 places in the ranking from no 25 to no 44. The deepest dive among the male names took Mikael, which fell by 16 places from no 12 to no 28.

Top 50 List

The complete top 50 list you can find here.



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