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27 April 2020
In March and April 2020, nine names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. Five of them were approved and four rejected:

Female Names

  • Lein: We are not sure about this one. Our best guess is that it is an Arabic variant form of Lina 2. The name was approved.
  • Rosemarie: This name was already liste as 'rejected' without a date given. When it was submitted to the Icelandic name committee again this March, it was rejected once more. Acceptable forms of that name would be Rósmary or Rósmarý.

Male Names

  • Aldan: This male form of Alda (meaning 'wave') has been used in Iceland quite a while already and was now officially approved.
  • Brettingz: This creative spelling of the Old Norse name Brettingr was rejected. The traditional Icelandic form is Brettingur.
  • Dylan: This Welsh name was rejected one more time this March after it had been rejected 5 years ago.
  • Finni: This name was used in Old Norse times and fell out of use later. Now it was approved as an Icelandic given name again.
  • Krákur: This younger form of the Old Norse name Krákr ('crow') fell out of use in the 19th century but was now approved again so maybe it will become popular again?
  • Nátthrafn: This new combination of NATT and HRAFN was approved. Both name elements are old Nordic elements forming a meaning of 'night raven'.
  • Theo: This name was rejected for the third time this March. Also Theó is not allowed. The problem here is the "th" for a "t"-sound which is not traditional Icelandic.


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