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18 July 2020
In June 2020, nine names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. All of them were approved:

Female Names

  • Álfa: This variant form of Alfa sounds closer to the Icelandic vocabulary word álfur = 'elf' and was approved. Icelandic á is pronounced like English ow in the word town.
  • Dídí: This is the Icelandic spelling of Didi. It has already been used as a horse name and now it was approved for a human baby girl as well.
  • Gára: Gára is the Icelandic word for 'ripple' (on water). Like Dídí, it has been used as a horse name and now it was approved for a human baby girl as well.
  • Isadora: The Icelandic form of the name is Ísadóra but now the international spelling was approved as well. It is a variant form of Isidora, a Greek name meaning 'gift of the goddess Isis'.
  • Ísobel: This is the Icelandic spelling of Isobel, which is a Scottish form of Isabel and it was approved.
  • Taríel: Similar to Aríel, Taríel was approved. It is probably an Icelandic female usage of the Georgian rare male name Tariel.

Male Names

  • Myrkvar: This extended form of the name Myrkvi was approved. It could either be a combination of MYRK and HER or VAR.
  • Salvador: A Spanish younger form of Salvator, which is a Latin name meaning 'saviour'. It looks quite similar to Icelandic names ending in -dor and it was approved.
  • Steinbogi: This new combination of the Norse name elements STEIN and BOGI was approved as well.


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