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27 September 2020
In September 2020, eleven names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. Nine of them were approved and two rejected:

Female Names

  • Agok: This Dinka (language in Sudan) name meaning 'monkey' (originally a pet name) was approved.
  • Dyljá: This Icelandic variant form of Dilja had been rejected on 16 August 2002 and again on 6 May 2016 but was approved now.
  • Ivy: This English name was rejected. According to Icelandic spelling rules, the spelling does not fit the pronunciation.
  • Ragný: This new combination of old name elements RAGN and NY was approved.
  • Sofia: The Icelandic spelling is Sofía but now the international spelling was approved as well.

Male Names

  • James: This English name was approved. It has a certain tradition in Iceland so the difference of pronunciation and spelling was accepted in this case.
  • Klettur: Klettur means 'cliff', 'rock' in Icelandic and is also a placename. It had already been used as a horse name and now it was approved for a human baby boy as well.
  • Leonel: This variant form of the English name Lionel was approved.
  • Morten: This Old Danish has been used in Iceland for a long time, so it was approved.
  • Theadór: The problem with this name is the spelling with Th. There are a few names used in Iceland with the Th-spelling but only those with a tradition are accepted. So this name was rejected again (it had been rejected before on 24 November 2017)
  • Virgil: Originally, only the spelling Virgill was approved in Iceland but now this spelling with only one L at the end was approved as well.


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