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14 June 2021
In May 2021, 5 names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. All of them were approved:

Female Names

  • Egilína: This is a female form of Egill and had been used in Iceland before as it was found in the Icelandic census of 1910. Now it has been officially approved.
  • Elizabeth: Although this spelling of the name is really creative for speakers of Icelandic, this form was approved as a variant spelling of Elísabet which is the standard spelling in Icelandic.

Male Names

  • Gosi: This name is the Icelandic vocabulary word for a 'jack', 'knave' in card games and also for a clown. Previously it has been used as a horse name and now it has been approved for boys as well.
  • Haron: This variant transcribtion of Harun, an Arabic form of Aron was approved as well.
  • Martel: And finally this short form of the Roman agnomen Martellus, derived from Latin malleus = 'hammer' was approved.


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