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4 August 2021
In July 2021, 12 names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. Nine of them were approved and three rejected:

Female Names

  • Casandra: This variant spelling of Kassandra was approved. It is not included in the drawing above because its approval was announced belated.
  • Eló: This is an Icelandic spelling of Elo, which is a pet form of Elodia, Eloise and their variant forms. It was approved as a female and male name (see below).
  • Guðrúnhalla: This new combination of three name elements was rejected. There are only very few combinations of three name elements allowed to use in Icelandic, e.g. Aðalsteinunn.
  • Lillín: This Icelandic spelling of Lillin was approved. It is a new combination of LILL and LIN.
  • Nara: This name could be Gaelic, Nordic or Latvian (and probably some more languages) and it was approved in Iceland now as well.
  • Margaret: This international form was approved. Until now, only the Icelandic forms Margret, Margrét and Margrjet were allowed.
  • Nýdönsk: This name means 'new Danish' in Icelandic and was probably taken from the name of the Icelandic musical band of the same name. It was approved.
  • Ólasteina: This new combination of Óla and Steina was rejected. Usually new name combinations like this are not allowed because of the grammatical confusion it would cause (e. g. genitive Ólu Steinu -> *Ólusteinu?)

Male Names

  • Álfkell: This younger form of the Old Norse name Alfkæll was approved.
  • Eló: This is an Icelandic spelling of Elo, a Danish variant form of Elof. It was approved as a male and female name (see above).
  • Joseph: This international spelling was approved. Until now, only the Icelandic forms Jósef and Jósep were allowed to use.
  • Líonel: This Icelandic spelling of the English and French name Lionel ('little lion') was approved
  • Lúsífer: This name of the devil was rejected again or rather its rejection of 14 January 2020 was confirmed once more.


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