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Aaliyah Baggi Beggi Pírati Björnúlfur Aró Safíra Morri Meyja Myrkva Villiam Thalía

9 January 2022
In December 2021, 13 names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. 12 of them were approved and 1 was rejected:

Female Names

  • Aaliyah: This creative spelling was approved. Previously, only the spelling Alía was allowed to use.
  • Aró: This Icelandic spelling of Aro was approved both as a female and a male name.
  • Meyja: This extended form of Mey was approved.
  • Mín: Mín is the Icelandic vocabulary word for 'my'. It was rejected.
  • Myrkva: This female form of Myrkvi was approved.
  • Safíra: This is an Icelandic spelling of Sapphira and it was approved.
  • Thalía: This Icelandic spelling of Thalia had been rejected in 2009 and 2016 but was approved now.

Male Names

  • Aró: This Icelandic spelling of Aro was approved both as a male and a female name.
  • Baggi: This name had been used as a byname in Old Norse and now it was approved to use as an Icelandic given name as well. The meaning is 'bag', 'pack', 'bundle' or 'ram' and it was also used as a byname for someone from Norway.
  • Beggi: This pet form of names starting with Berg- was approved for usage as a proper given name now.
  • Björnúlfur: This younger form of Bjǫrnulfr was approved. Other variants like Björnólfur and Bjarnólfur are being used in Icelandic as well.
  • Morri: This name is probably a variant form of Morry. It was approved.
  • Pírati: This is the Icelandic word for a pirate and it was approved to use as a given name now.
  • Villiam: This Nordic spelling of William was approved to use in Iceland now as well.


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