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Amarie Diddi Hildís Ivan Karna Mattheó Nieljohníus Paradís Villiblóm Ýda Þórunnborg

3 April 2022
In March 2022, 20 names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. 19 of them were approved and 1 name was rejected:

Female Names

  • Alexsandra: This creative spelling of Alexandra was rejected for the fourth time now (2010, 2012, 2018 and now 2022)
  • Amarie: This fantasy name invented by Tolkien had been rejected in October 2019 but was approved now.
  • Ayah: This Latin spelling of an Arabic name was approved.
  • Dillý: This pet form of Dilja was approved.
  • Hildís: This Icelandic spelling of Hildis was approved.
  • Hröfn: This female form of Hrafn was approved.
  • Karna: This name has been used in Denmark since the 15th century and was now approved in Iceland as well.
  • Paradís: This is the Icelandic word for Paradise and it was approved to be used as a given name now.
  • Villiblóm: This Icelandic vocabulary word for a 'wildflower' was approved to be used as a female and male name.
  • Ýda: 5 weeks before, on 26 January, this creative spelling of Ída had been rejected. Now it was approved.
  • Þórunnborg: This new combination of the name elements ÞOR, UNN and BORG was approved. Names consisting of three name elements are very rare.

Male Names


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