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Askalín Bjart Díon Hófí Hrímir Kappi Miguel Sammy Scott Sigurbogi Þórína

18 December 2022
In November 2022, 11 names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. 11 of them were approved and no name was rejected:

Female Names

Male Names

  • Bjart: This variant form of Bjartur was approved to be used as a female or male name.
  • Díon: This Icelandic spelling of Dion was approved.
  • Hrímir: This variant form of Hrímnir was approved.
  • Kappi: This Old Norse byname meaning 'warrior', 'champion' was approved
  • Miguel: This Spanish form of Michael was approved to be used in Iceland now as well.
  • Sammy: This English pet form of Samuel was approved.
  • Scott: This English name - originally a surname - was approved to be used in Iceland now as well.
  • Sigurbogi: This name means 'victory bow'. It is a new combination of SIG and BOGI and it was approved.

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