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8 February 2020

Top 3

The most popular baby names in Norway in 2019 were Emma (393 girls) and Jakob/Jacob (423 boys).

Emma has been a very popular name for quite a long time now. It entered the top 10 list back in 2002 and has been on the very top 9 times since.

Nora/Norah (379 girls) is on the second place. It has been a top 10 name for 20 years now and was on the very top in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Very constantly in the top 10 and now no 3 is Sofie/ Sophie (326 girls) which entered the Norwegian top 10 list in 2007.

Jakob/Jacob has been on the top 10 list for 8 years now and it is the second year we find it on the very top of the list.

Lucas/Lukas (392 boys) is on the second place after topping the list in 2018 for the fourth time after its entry in 2007. Filip/Philip/Fillip/Phillip (387 boys) is no 3. It enterted the top 10 list in 2013 jumping from no 19 in 2012 right up to the top.

New Names on the Top 10 List

Ada (no 6), Sofia (no 7) and Ingrid (shared no 10 with Leah/Lea) are new names on the top 10 list of 2019. Emilie and Amalie left the top 10 list.

William is new among the boys on place 8. The name that left the top 10 instead is Elias which is on place 15.

New Names on the Top 50 List

New female names are Eline and Ellinor. The names that left the list are Klara/Clara and Elise.

New male names are Leo, Sigurd and Sverre which entered instead of Erik, Gabriel and Jonathan.

Highest Risers

Eva is the highest rising female name, from no 45 up to no 24. Herman is the highest riser among the male names, from no 40 up to no 29.

On the other hand there were some names that lost in popularity as well. The ones that fell deepest were Victoria/Victoria among the female names, from no 28 to no 42 and Martin among the male names, from no 31 to no 46.

Top 50 List

The complete top 50 list you can find here.



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