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19 February 2022

Top 3

The most popular baby names in Norway in 2021 were Nora/Norah (409 girls) and Noah/Noa (402 boys).

Nora/Norah has been a top 10 name since 2000 and was no 1 in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2020.

Emma (369 girls) is on the second place. It has also been a very popular name for quite a long time now. It entered the top 10 list back in 2002 and has been on the very top 9 times since. Sofie/Sophie (327 girls) entered the top 10 in 2007. Last year it was no 7.

Noah/Noa entered the top 10 list in 2016 and 2021 is the first year we find it on the very top of the list.

Oskar/Oscar (370 boys) is on the second place. It has been a regular member of the top 10 for 10 years now climbing up and down again and again. The second place is its highest ranking so far. Oliver (367 boys) is no 3. It enterted the top 10 list in 2008 (with only one year outside, place 14 in 2014).

New Names on the Top 10 List

Frida (no 9) entered the top 10 list for the first time. Emilie (no 13) left instead.

Isak is new among the boys on place 5 and Aksel on place 6. The names that left the top 10 instead are Liam (no 13) and Henrik (no 16).

New Names on the Top 50 List

New female names are Ellie (no 32), Mie (no 42), Mille (no 46) and Hermine (no 48). The names that left the list are Oda, Josefine, Oline and Maria.

New male names are Vetle (no 47) and Jens (no 50) which entered instead of Nikolai and Erik.

Highest Risers

Ellie is the highest rising female name, which entered the top 50 list directly on place no 32. Gustav is the highest riser among the male names, from no 45 up to no 25.

On the other hand there were some names that lost in popularity as well. The ones that fell deepest were Live among the female names, from no 24 to no 41 and Markus among the male names, from no 30 to no 41.

Top 50 List

The complete top 50 list you can find here.



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