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19 September 2020

A runestone was found on a field in Småland (Sweden) a few years ago by a farmer who moved it to the side of his field without realizing that it was a runestone because the runes were facing down. He discovered that it was a runestone just a few days ago when he wanted to move it again to another place.

The stone is probably dated to the first half of the 11th century. The text reads:

Gerðarr raised this stone after SigdiarfR, his father, ØygærðR's husband

As most runestones, this one containes Old Norse names. In this case there are two male names and a female name written on the stone:


is the name of the person who errected the stone. The male name is a combination of either Ancient Germanic *gerðan = 'remade, reconstructed' or GERD and HER.


is Gerðarr's father. It is for him the stone was raised. It is a combination of SIG and DIARF.


is SigdiarfR's wife. Her name, on the stone written in the genitive form ØygærðaR, is a combination of EY and GERD.

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