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21 March 2020

Names are typically distributed differently within the regions of a country. For Sweden, we have now performed an analysis, based on peoples' places of birth in the 19th century.

We analysed the regional usage of almost 750 names in Sweden and published the results here on Nordic Names.

Quite interestingly, the usage range differs widely over the country not only for those names typically thought of as a "southern name" or a "northern name", but for nearly every name - even the very common ones.

We created maps with a colour grading relative to the region with the highest rate of occurrence of the name and put in the percentages as well for a more precise orientation (see the examples of Britta and Brita above).

Analysed Names

You can find an alphabetic list of all the names we analysed here: Names with Swedish Region Maps. On the respective name pages you will find the maps with the regional distribution on the bottom of the pages.

Names by Region

With the results of our analysis we were now able to add a lot of new names to our regions lists: Swedish Regions. If you are looking for names which are typical for a certain region, this is where you can find them!