Viking Names

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Historic background and language information

The Viking Age is a period of ca 300 years (about 750 - 1050 AD) in the Nordic countries. By then, the Proto-Norse language had developed into Old Norse.

Sources of Viking names

Many names from the Viking Age are documented on rune stones. Other sources for Viking names are e.g. the Landnámabók, a history of the settlement of Iceland, Norse mythology etc.

How to find Viking names on this website

On this website you can find Viking names when browsing Old Norse Names.

Many Vikings had a byname added to their name. You can find a long list of bynames here.

A Viking name for a baby name or a roleplay character name

Many of these names have developed into contemporary forms which can be more usable, if you are looking for a baby name or a name for your roleplay character:

If you e.g. like the name Ingigerðr, you will learn here that it is a variant spelling of Ingigærðr. On that page you will find a list of related names. Those names with a flag (sometimes more than one), are contemporary forms. In this example e.g. Ingegerd or Ingarta.