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Welcome to the comprehensive site on given names from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands!


24 July 2016

The new Danish statistics list of 2015 is online! DK2015.jpg

11 July 2016

Iceland has its own picture at last! Thank you very much for the photo, Andreas!

Icelandic Names.jpg

8 July 2016

We drew new flags: Denmark Faroe Islands Finland Greenland Iceland Norway Sami Sweden!

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4 July 2016

Some new names added to the Icelandic Personal Name Register:


Name Days on July 26

Denmark    Anna
Faroe Islands    Anna
Finland    Martta
Norway    Ane, Anna, Anne
Sami    Mártá
Finland (Swedish Language)Finland (Swedish Language)    Marta
Sweden    Jesper