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Finland Finnish
Sweden Swedish
Norway Norwegian
Denmark Danish
Iceland Icelandic

Origin and Meaning

Latin form of Αβεννηρ (Abenner), a Greek form of 'אַבְנֵר (`Avner)', a Hebrew name meaning 'father of the light' [1]

Related Names

Abner Danish Finish Icelandic Norwegian Swedish

Patronyms [What's That?]


Abnerinpoika Finland
Abnersson Iceland Sweden


Abnerintytär Finland
Abnersdotter Sweden
Abnersdóttir Iceland


Denmark - Danish
Nominative: Abner
Genitive: Abners
Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Abner
Genitive: Abnerin
Partitive: Abneria
Iceland - Icelandic
Nominative: Abner
Accusative: Abner
Dative: Abner
Genitive: Abners
Norway - Norwegian
Nominative: Abner
Genitive: Abners
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Abner
Genitive: Abners

Further Information

Earliest Documented Usage


Abner was Saul's cousin and the commander of his army in the Old Testament. After he killed Asahel he was slain by Asahel's brother Joab.


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Abner.

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