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Sweden Swedish
Denmark Danish
Finland Finnish
Denmark Danish


Origin and Meaning

Fantasy name of a character in the 'Star Wars' movie saga by George Lucas, who was probably inspired by the surname of his friend Ken Annakin

The surname is of Norman origin:

1) Norman form of Ásketill [1]

2) Norman form of Arnkætill [2]

Related Names

Anakin Danish Finish Swedish


Denmark - Danish
Nominative: Anakin
Genitive: Anakins
Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Anakin
Genitive: Anakinin
Partitive: Anakinia
Norway - Norwegian
Nominative: Anakin
Genitive: Anakins
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Anakin
Genitive: Anakins

Further Information

Earliest Documented Usage


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No recent statistics trend found in databases for Anakin.


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