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Denmark Danish
Finland Finnish
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Origin and Meaning

English name

Transferred use of the surname

1) From Middle English foster = 'foster parent', nurse' [1]

2) Short form of Middle English forester = 'officer in charge of a forest' or 'employed in the forest' [1] [2]

3) Short form of forseter = 'shearer' [1]

3) Variant form fewster, from Old French fustier = 'saddle-tree maker' [1]

Related Names

Foster Danish Finish Norwegian Swedish


Denmark - Danish
Nominative: Foster
Genitive: Fosters
Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Foster
Genitive: Fosterin
Partitive: Fosteria
Norway - Norwegian
Nominative: Foster
Genitive: Fosters
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Foster
Genitive: Fosters


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Foster.


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