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The Hyndluljóð (= 'Lay of Hyndla') is a lay from the Flateyjarbók (14th century).

The framework story begins with Ottar, who, in the shape of Freyja, is visiting the giantess Hyndla to ride with her to Valhalla so that Hyndla can give Ottar information about his ancestors.

Ottar has made a bet with Angantýr about genealogical knowledge. The giantess astride her wolf reluctantly follows Freyja, who is riding her boar Hildisvíni. Hyndla names Ottar's ancestors, and when finally Freyja urges her to give Ottar the memory potion, Hyndla begins to insult Freyja very much in the style of the Lokasenna. Only by threatening fire magic can Freyja finally manage to get the giantess to give Ottar the potion. [1]


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