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Finland Finnish
Sweden Swedish
Norway Norwegian
Denmark Danish


Origin and Meaning

Latin spelling of Καιν (Kain), a Greek form of the Hebrew name קָיִן (Qayin) meaning 'acquired' [1]

Related Names

Kain Danish Finish Norwegian Swedish


Denmark - Danish
Nominative: Kain
Genitive: Kains
Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Kain
Genitive: Kainin
Partitive: Kainia
Norway - Norwegian
Nominative: Kain
Genitive: Kains
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Kain
Genitive: Kains

Further Information


Kain is the brother of Abel and the son of Adam and Eva in the Old Testament. After God accepted his brother's offering of meat instead of his offering of plant-based foods, Kain killed Abel and was banished to be a wanderer.


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Kain.

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