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11 September 2020

The Numbers

The Faroese statistics usually provide us with the total number of names, even stating every name which only appears one time during the year. In 2020, you can find the names of 684 children on the Faroese list (310 girls and 374 boys).

They share 409 different names: 198 female names and 211 male names.

272 of the names (137 female names and 135 male names) only appear once.

Top Names

The most popular baby names in the Faroe Islands in 2020 were Anna and Olivia (6 girls) and Benjamin, Elias and Lukas (8 boys).

While it is the tenth time for Anna to top the list since 2001, it is the first time for Olivia - its highest ranking was no 2 in 2016 and 2017.

Benjamin, Elias and Lukas have been regular guests on the top of the lists for about ten years now. All of them were no 1 before, Elias once and Benjamin and Lukas twice.

Top List

The complete Faroese top list of 2020 you can find here.



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