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Erykah Árnþór Ullr Gunni Leonardo Gottlieb Ítalía Éljagrímur Lán Tereza Arún Lílú Jasmine

5 December 2021
In November 2021, 17 names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. 13 of them were approved and 4 were rejected:

Female Names

  • Erykah: This creative spelling was approved now. In 2005 and in 2006 it had been rejected. Previously, only the spelling variants Erica and Erika were allowed to use.
  • Frostsólarún: This combination of three name elements FROST, SOL and RUN was rejected.
  • Geitin: This Icelandic vocabulary word for a 'goat' was rejected.
  • Ítalía: This Icelandic spelling of Italia was approved.
  • Jasmine: Previously, only Jasmín and Jasmin were allowed to use in Iceland. Now also this variant with a final -e was approved.
  • Lán: This Icelandic vocabulary word for 'loan', 'luck' was approved.
  • Lílú: This Icelandic spelling of Lilou was approved.
  • Tereza: This creative spelling was approved. Previously, only the spelling variants Teresa and Theresa were allowed to use.

Male Names

  • Árnþór: Previously, only the Icelandic form Arnþór was allowed to use in Iceland. Now Árnþór was approved as well.
  • Arún: This Icelandic spelling of Arun was approved.
  • Éljagrímur: This new combination was approved. The first name element means 'snow shower'.
  • Gottlieb: This German name was approved to use as given name in Iceland now as well.
  • Gunni: This short form of names containing the name element GUNN has been used in the Nordic countries for many centuries. Now it was approved to use as a proper given name in Iceland as well.
  • Heiðr: This Old Norse form of Heiður was rejected. Both Heiðr and Heiður was and is much more common as a female name.
  • Leonardo: This Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Leonhard was approved now. In 2018, it had been rejected.
  • Linnet: To use this name as a male name in Iceland was rejected.
  • Ullr: This Old Norse formr of Ullur (approved in 2020) was approved to use in Iceland now as well.


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