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This name is used both as a female and a male name. See Quinn f for the female version.


Sweden Swedish
Finland Finnish
Norway Norwegian
Denmark Danish


Origin and Meaning

English name

Transferred use of a surname

1) Scottish Mac Cuinn / Mac Quin = 'son of Conn' [1]

2) Irish Ó Cuinn = 'son of Conn' [2]

Related Names

Quin Danish Finish Icelandic Swedish
Quinn Danish Finish Norwegian Swedish

For female forms see Quinn f


Denmark - Danish
Nominative: Quinn
Genitive: Quinns
Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Quinn
Genitive: Quinnin
Partitive: Quinniä
Norway - Norwegian
Nominative: Quinn
Genitive: Quinns
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Quinn
Genitive: Quinns

Further Information

Earliest Documented Usage


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Quinn.


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