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-naaq/-nâĸ is a Greenlandic suffix indicating a personal name meaning 'one who is' or 'one who resembles' which is also retained in Greenlandic in words such as qallunaaq = 'the pale person' (= denotion for Europeans) and ilannaaq = 'friend', 'favourite companion'. It often depicts a person who recurrently does - or fancies/tends to do - something, or is a category, i.e. 'that which resembles'.

The ending naq is often used in names for animals, such as niisarnaq = 'pilot whale', nataarnaq = 'Atlantic halibut' etc., while the ending with a long vowel -naaq (it/that which one fancies) often bear hypocroristic/flattering connotations regarding a person (or a place). [1]

See also -na.

List of Names with the suffix -naaq

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