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March 2020

29 March 2020

Some of Saturn's moons have got Nordic names. They are taken from the Norse mythology. Learn about the moons and about their names here:

Moon NN.jpg

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21 March 2020

Names are typically distributed differently within the regions of a country. For Sweden, we have now performed an analysis, based on peoples' places of birth in the 19th century.


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7 March 2020

Nielsen, Jensen, Hansen - Have a look at the most common surnames in Denmark


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1 March 2020

In 2022, seven new names will be added to the Swedish name day calendar.


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February 2020

23 February 2020

Greenlandic given names are often quite long and look very exotic to foreigners. Once you recognize the different suffixes, the names become much easier to understand. Have a look!


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16 February 2020

Autumn and winter are typical storm seasons in the Nordic countries. Heavy storms are blowing outside while hygge, mys and sauna become more and more important! For some years now, heavy storms have been named in the Nordic countries. Have a look at our collection of those names:


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15 February 2020

What are the most common Finnish names? Have a look!

Suomi nimet.JPG

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8 February 2020

Emma and Jakob - the Norwegian statistics list of 2019 is online!


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6 February 2020

Happy Sami National Day! Sami

Sami Names.jpg

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1 February 2020

Alice and Lucas - the Swedish statistics list of 2019 is online!


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January 2020

25 January 2020

6 names added to the List of approved Icelandic names (Birmir, Hafalda, Hrafnsunna, Ivar, River, Ullur) and 4 names rejected (Bened, Hannalísa, Lúsífer, Theó)


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12 January 2020

47,000 names!


4 January 2019

Have a look at the top 10 page visits of 2019: Jörgen Runa Michael Freyja Flóki Ragna Jørgen Torvi Caspian Astrid Wolf Amma Ægir Saga Mika Anna Magnus Kaja Ragnar Ylva


1 January 2019

Happy New Year!