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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

New name element deriving from names

1) ending in -li, -lia, -lie, -liia, -liija, -lija, -ly [1]

2) beginning with Li-, Ly- [2]

3) containing a stressed -li- in the middle of the name [2]

and - especially for names ending in -ly:

4) ending in -laug (see also LAUG) [3]

Related Names

See Li


ANN see Anneli
ARN see Arly
AUD see Edly
Ber- see Berly
CLARA see Clarali
ELS see Elsali
EMM see Emly
ER see Erly
EVA see Evali
FRID see Fredly
GUNN see Gunli
HANN see Hannali
HED see Hedly
HER see Herly
ID see Idali
ING see Ingali
JARL see Jarly
JER see Jerly
KARL see Karly
Kerttu see Kerli
KETILL see Kjelly
LOTT see Lialotta
MAL see Malli
MARR see Marli
MYRT see Myrtli
Nova see Novali
ODD see Oddly
Onni see Onneli
PER see Perly
ROS see Rosalia
TORD see Tordly
TUVA see Tuvali
ÞOR see Torly

First Element Forms

Li- Lia- Ly-

Last Element Forms

-li -lia -lie -liia -liija -lija -ly


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