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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

New name element deriving from the name Anna and its variants [1] [2]

As a last element, it often does not derive from Anna but from other names ending in -ana, -ane [3]

Related Names

See Anna


ANDR see Andrianna
BEL see Annabella
BET see Annebeth
BJÖRT see Annaberta
BORG see Anneborg
BRITT see Annbritt and Britanna
CLARA see Annaclara
DIS see Annadís
DORT see Annedorte
ELI see Annel and Eliana
ELIN see Eliana
ELL see Annielle and Elna
EVA see Annaeva and Evanna
EY see Anney
FRÍÐ see Annafrida
GERD see Annegerd
GISL see Gíslíana
GRET see Annegrete
GUNN see Anngunn
GUR see Gurianna
HEL see Helianna
HILD see Annhild
Ingiborg see Ingbranna
IV see Ivanna
Jeanette see Annjeanette
JEN see Jennieann
JON see Jónanna
KA see Karenanna and Karianne and Katrianna and Annakarin and Annkatrin
KAJSA see Annakaisa
KRIST see Christiana and Annkristin
LEAH see Leanne (English)
LEN see Annalena
LI see Anneli
LILL see Annelill and Lillanna
LILLI see Lilian
LIN see Anneline
LIND see Annalinda
LIS see Annelise and Lisanne
Livia see Livianna
LOR see Annelore
LOTT see Annalotta
LU see Annelouise and Luanne
LUMI see Lumianna
LYDIA see Lydianna
MAJ see Annmaj
MAR see Annmar
MARI see Annemarie and Marianne
MARIT see Annamaarit
MARN see Marenanna
MART see Annemarte
MERI see Merianna
METTE see Annemette
MIA see Annemie
MIRA see Miranna
MON see Anemone
MOR see Annemor
NOR see Nordianna
OL see Oleanna
Sette see Annisette
Reeta see Annareeta
Ria see Rianna
RIK see Annrika
RIT see Annarita
ROS see Annarosa and Rosanna
SARA see Sarianna
Sette see Anisette
Silvia see Silviana
SIRI see Sirianna
Sissa see Annesisse
SIV see Sivann
SOFI see Annsofi and Sofianna
STIN see Annastina
SUVI see Suvianna
SY see Annsy
TEO see Teoanna
VEIG see Annveig
VI see Annevi
VIOL see Annviol
Vivi see Viviana
ÞOR see Þóranna and Annþór

First Element Forms

An- Ana- Ane-
Ann- Anna- Anne- Anni-

Last Element Forms

-an -ana -ane
-ann -anna -anne


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