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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

Germanic name element of uncertain meaning.

Often, instead for the 'island'-meaning below, a connection to the name element AUJA is suggested. [1] [2]

In some combinations it is difficult or impossible to tell if the element belongs to the element AI instead. [2]

See also E and EI.


*awiō = 'island' [3] [2]

Old Norse

ey = 'island' [4]
ey = 'island, 'flat land along a coast' [5]
ėy = 'island', 'floodplain' [6]


*awi- = 'island', 'floodplain' [7]

Old English

ēg = 'island', 'dry ground in marsh' [8]
íeġ = 'island' [6]
īg = 'island', 'dry ground in marsh' [8]

Old High German

ouwe = 'water', 'stream', 'land by water', 'floodplain', 'island' [5]

Middle Low German

ô = 'island', 'floodplain' [5]
ôge = 'island', 'floodplain' [5]
ôch = 'island', 'floodplain' [5]
ou = 'island', 'floodplain' [5]
ouwe = 'island', 'floodplain' [5]

Related Names

See Eyja, Öje


ADAL see Aðaley (Norse)
AGN see Agney (Norse)
ALDA see Aldey (Norse)
ALF see Álfey (Norse) and Øyalf (Norse)
ANG see Angeyja (Norse)
ANN see Anney (Norse)
ARN see Arney (Norse)
AST see Ástey (Norse)
BALD see Baldey (Norse)
Benny see Benney (Norse)
Bente see Bentey (Norse)
BJÖRK see Bjarkey (Norse)
BJÖRN see Bjarney (Norse) and Øybiǫrn (Norse)
BJÖRT see Bjartey (Norse) and Eybjört (Norse) and Øbert (Norse)
BLA see Bláey (Norse)
BLOM see Blómey (Norse)
BOGI see Bogey (Norse)
BORG see Bjargey (Norse) and Øyborg (Norse)
BOT see Bótey (Norse)
BRAND see Eibrand (Norse)
BRIM see Brimey (Norse)
BRITT see Eibritt (Norse)
BRUN see Brúney (Norse)
Burkni see Burkney (Norse)
DAÐ see Daðey (Norse)
DAL see Daley (Norse)
DANI see Daney (Norse)
DANR see Daney (Norse)
DAR see Eidar (Norse)
DIMM see Dimmey (Norse)
DIS see Eydís (Norse)
DRAUM see Draumey (Norse)
EIN see Einey (Norse)
ELD see Eldey (Norse)
ELL see Elley (Norse)
ENGEL see Engley (Norse)
EVA see Evey (Norse)
FANN see Fanney (Norse)
FAR see Eyfari (Norse)
FAST see Eyfastr (Norse)
FINN see Eyfinna (Norse) and Finney (Norse)
FRID see Eyfrøðr (Norse) and Friðey (Norse)
FRÍÐ see Øyfrid (Norse)
FURA see Eyfura (Norse)
GAUT see Øygautr (Norse)
GEIR see ØygæiRR (Norse)
GERD see Eygerðr (Norse)
GISL see *Eygísl (Norse) and Gísley (Norse)
GLO see Eygló (Norse) and Glóey (Norse)
GRET see Eygrét (Norse)
GRIM see Eygrímr (Norse) and Grímey (Norse)
GUD see Gulløy (Norse)
GUNN see Gunnö (Norse) and Øygunn (Norse)
GUT see Øyguti (Norse)
HAF see Hafey (Norse)
HALL see Halley (Norse)
HANN see Hanney (Norse)
HEIL see Helgey (Norse)
HER see Øyarr (Norse)
HILD see Eyildr (Norse)
HJALM see Hjálmey (Norse)
HJALT see Hjaltey (Norse)
HLIF see Hlíføy (Norse)
HRAFN see Hrafney (Norse)
HROD see Rodney (Norse)
HVAT see Æihvatr (Norse)
ING see Ingiøy (Norse)
IS see Ísey (Norse)
JAN see Janey
JEN see Jenney (Norse)
JON see Jóney (Norse)
KETILL see Øykæll (Norse) and Kætiløy (Norse)
KRIST see Kristey (Norse)
LAUF see Laufey (Norse)
LAUG see Eylaug (Norse) and Laugey (Norse)
LAUR see Lárey (Norse)
LEIF see ØylæifR (Norse)
LEIK see ØylakR (Norse)
LEW see Ljóney (Norse)
LILL see Lilley (Norse)
LILLI see Lilley (Norse)
LIN see Eylína (Norse)
LÍN see Líney (Norse) and Eylín (Norse)
Lincoln see Lindsey (Norse)
LOFT see Loftey (Norse)
LOG see Logey (Norse)
LYD see Ljóðey (Norse)
MAGG see Maggey (Norse)
MAGN see Magney (Norse)
MÁN see Máney (Norse)
MAR see Eymar (Norse)
MARR see Marey (Norse)
MEY see Márey (Norse)
MINN see Minney (Norse)
MIRA see Mírey (Norse)
MOD see Eymóðr (Norse) and Móey (Norse)
MUND see Øymundr (Norse)
MYRK see Myrkey (Norse)
NARF see Narfey (Norse)
NATT see Náttey (Norse)
NEF see Eynefr (Norse)
NIUT see Øyniútr (Norse)
NY see Einy (Norse)
PALM see Pálmey (Norse)
PAUL see Páley (Norse)
RAGN see Ragnö (Norse)
RIK see ØyríkR (Norse) and Ríkey (Norse)
ROS see Eyrós (Norse) and Rósey (Norse)
RUN see Eyrún (Norse)
SAND see Sandøy (Norse)
SIG see Sigurey (Norse)
SIRI see Sirrey (Norse)
SOL see Sóley (Norse)
STEIN see Øystæinn (Norse) and Steiney (Norse)
STJÄRN see Stjarney (Norse)
STORM see Stormey (Norse)
SVAN see Svaney (Norse)
SVEIN see Sveiney (Norse)
Sǫlva see Sölvey (Norse)
TORF see Torfey (Norse)
ULF see ØyulfR (Norse) and Úlfey (Norse)
UNN see Øyunn (Norse)
Ursula see Úrsúley (Norse)
VAL see Valey (Norse)
VALD see Eyvaldr (Norse)
VAR see Eyvar (Norse)
VARD see Øyvard (Norse)
VEIG see Eyveig (Norse)
VI see Eivi (Norse)
VID see Övidher (Norse) and Viðey (Norse)
VIND see Eyvindr (Norse)
VON see Voney (Norse)
VÖR see Eyvǫr (Norse)
ÞING see Þingey (Norse)
ÞJOF see Eyþjófr (Norse)
ÞOR see Eyþór (Norse) and Þórey (Norse)
ÞORN see Æiþorn (Norse)
ÞRUÐ see Eyþrúður (Norse)

First Element Forms

Ei- Ej- Ey- Eyi- Eyj-
Ö- Ø-
Öi- Øi- Öj- Øj- Öy- Øy- Øyj-

Last Element Forms

-ey -eyja



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