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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

Germanic name element of uncertain meaning

Sometimes the name element is difficult to tell apart from VALD

See also ALJA

Ancient Germanic

1) wala = 'dead'
2) *walha- = 'foreign' [1]

Old Norse

1) valr = 'the slain (in Valhalla)' [1] [2] [3]

Old High German

2) walah = 'Celtic', 'foreign' (original meaning) or 'Roman' (changed meaning after the Roman invasion of the Celtic territories)
2) walah- = 'foreigner', 'stranger' [2] [4]
2) walh- = 'foreigner', 'stranger' [2]
2) walh- = 'Welsh', 'Roman', 'Celt' [5]

Related Names

See Váli and Vaali and Vally


BJÖRK see Valbjörk (Norse)
BJÖRN see Valbjǫrn (Norse)
BJÖRT see Valbjört (Norse)
BORG see Walburg (German)
BRAND see Valbrandr (Norse)
DIS see Valdís (Norse)
DON see Valdon
EY see Valey (Norse)
FAÐIR see Valfǫðr (Norse)
FRID see Walafrid (German)
FRÍÐ see Valfrid
GAUT see Valgautr (Norse)
GEIR see Valgeir (Norse) and Gerlach (German)
GERD see Valgerðr
GRIM see Valgrímur
HILD see Valhildur
MEY see Valmøy
MUND see Valmundur
NY see Valný
ROS see Valrós
RUN see Valrún
STEIN see Valsteinn
TOK see Val-Tóki
TYR see Valtýr
ÞER see Wealhþéow
ÞJOF see Valþjófr
ÞOR see Valdor
ÞRUÐ see Valþrúður

First Element Forms

Val- Wal-
Vall- Wall-

Last Element Forms



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