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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

New name element

Proto Indo European

*leud- = 'small', 'little'


*lutilla- = 'small', 'little'


leitils = 'small', 'little' [1]

Old Norse

lítill = 'little' [2] [3] [4] [1]


leitils = 'little' [4]

Old High German

luzzil = 'little' [1]

Old Saxon

luttil = 'little' [1]

Low German

lütt = 'little', 'small'

Old Swedish

litil = 'little' [3]
lītil = 'little' [1]
litin = 'little' [3]
lītin = 'little' [1]

Old Danish

lidel = 'little' [4]

Old English

lyt = 'little', 'few'
lýtel = 'little', 'small' [1]


lilla / lille = 'little' (weak declension) [1]


lille = 'little' [1]

Related Names

See Lítli and Lill


ANN see Annelill and Lillanna
AS see Åselill
BEL see Lillebel
BET see Lillbeth
BILL see Lillebil
Bitte see Lillebitt
BJÖRN see Lillebjørn
BLID see Blidelille
BO see Lillebo
BORG see Lillbjörg
BRITT see Lillbritt
Bróðir see Lillebror
ELIS see Elisalill
ELS see Elselill
EVA see Evalill and Lilleva
EY see Lilley
FAÐIR see Lillefar
Fia see Lillfi
FRÍÐ see Lillfrid
GERD see Lillegerd
GULL see Lillegull
GUNN see Lillgunn and Gundelil
HANN see Hannalill
HILD see Hillelille
ID see Idalill
ILS see Ilselill
ING see Ingelille
INGER see Ingerlill and Lillinger
Ingiríðr see Lillingrid
ISA see Isalill
KULLA see Lisskulla
LIN see Lillin
LIS see Lillis
LOTT see Lillott
Ma- see Lillema
MAJ see Majlill
MANN see Lilleman
MARI see Lillmarie
METTE see Mettelille
MIA see Lillemi
MOR see Lillemor
OV see Ovelil
RIS see Riselille
ROS see Roselille
SIGN see Signelill
Sissel see Sidsellil
SOL see Lillesol
SVAN see Svanelille
Systir see Lillasyster
Tófa see Tovelille
VANG see Lillevang
VI see Lillevi
VIVA see Lillviva
VÖR see Lillvor
ÞOR see Thorelille

See also Lilleba, Lilltösen

First Element Forms

Lil- Lill- Lilla- Lille-
Lis- Liss-

Last Element Forms

-il -ill -illa
-lil -lild -lill -lille


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