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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

New name element deriving from the name Lisa and its variants [1]

Related Names

See Lisa


AINO see Ainoliisa
AMAL see Amelise
ANN see Annelise and Lisanne
BEL see Lisabell
BRITT see Brittlis and Lisbritt
EBBA see Ebbalisa
EI see Eilis
ELS see Elselis
ER see Erlis
EVA see Evalis
GERD see Lisegerd
GRET see Gretelise
GULL see Gullis
GUNN see Gunlis
HANN see Hannelise
HETA see Hetaliisa
ID see Idalisa
ING see Ingelise
INGER see Ingerlise
JUL see Julisa
KA see Karenlise
KAJSA see Kajsalisa
LILL see Lillis
LOTT see Liselotte and Lottelise
LU see Lilou
MAJ see Majlis and Lisemaj
MARI see Marlies and Mix and Lisemarie
MARJA see Marjaliisa
MINN see Minnaliisa
MIRJA see Mirjaliisa
MON see Monalisa
MOR see Lisemor
OL see Olisa
Pirkko see Pirkkoliisa
RIK see Riikkaliisa
RIT see Riittaliisa
RITVA see Ritvaliisa
SANN see Sannaliisa
SARA see Saralisa
Sirkka see Sirkkaliisa
STIN see Liisastiina
TEL see Telisa
TON see Tonelise
TRIN see Trinelise
TUVA see Tuvalisa

First Element Forms

Lies- Liesa- Liese-
Lis- Lisa- Lise-
Liss- Lisse-

Last Element Forms

-lies -liesa -liese
-lis -lisa -lise


  1. Roland Otterbjörk: Svenska förnamn (1979)