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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

New name element deriving from Lina and its variants, usually used as a female ending (see also DINA, GIN, MIN, RIN, SINA, STIN, TINA)

See also LÍN and HLIN

Related Names

See Lina, Linn, Lynn


ADAL see Adelina
Adam see Adamline
AINO see Ainoliina
ANN see Anneline
AS see Åseline
AUD see Ottoline
BÁRÐ see Bárðlína
BORG see Berglína
ELS see Elseline
EMM see Emmaline
EVA see Evalina
GEIR see Gerline (German)
GISL see Gíslína
HAF see Haflína
HANN see Hannelina
HENN see Hennaliina
ID see Idalina
ING see Ingelin
INGER see Ingerline
IR see Irlin
Jacques see Jacqueline
JO see Joline
LOTT see Lottaliina
MAJ see Majlin
MARI see Marline and Marilyn
MERI see Merilin
ODD see Oddlin
OL see Olina
SILVER see Sylvelin
SUMAR see Sumarlína
SØR see Sørline
TEL see Telina
TOL see Tolline
VEIG see Linveig
VIG see Viggoline
ÞOR see Lindor

First Element Forms


Last Element Forms

-lin -lín
-lina -lína -line
-linn -linne
-lyn -lynn