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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

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Ash Tree
Image by 'AnRo0002',[1]
licensed under Creative Commons
Germanic name element

Old Norse

askr = 'ash tree' [2] [3] [4] [5]

Old High German

asc = 'ash tree' [5]

North Frisian

esk = 'ash tree' [5]

Old English

æsc = 'ash tree' [5]

In the figurative sense, the meaning could be anything 'made of ash tree' as well, e.g. a 'spear', a 'ship', a 'bowl' etc. And poetically it could mean 'man', 'leader' or 'horse' [5] [4]

Related Names

See Aske, Askr, Assa, Eskja


BJÖRN see Askbjörn
HILD see Askhild
LEAH see Ashley (English)
VALD see Ascolt (German)

First Element Forms

Asc- Ask-


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