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14 June 2020
In May 2020, ten names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. Eight of them were approved and two rejected:

Female Names

  • Agney: This is a new combination of AGN and EY. Both name elements have been used before and the name was approved.
  • Bianca: This Italian younger form of Blanca ('light one') was rejected. The problem here was probably the 'c' which is not a traditional letter in Icelandic.
  • Kat: This is an English short form of Katherine and it was approved.
  • Rose: A few weeks ago, the combination Rosemarie was rejected. Rose alone was approved now because although it is not a typical Icelandic name, the name has been used in Iceland for a long time.
  • Sigríðurjóna: This triple-combination of Sigríður (which is a combination of SIG and FRÍÐ) and Jóna was rejected. There are very few triple-combinations in use, such as Aðalsteinunn.

Male Names

  • Blíður: This male form of Blíða was approved.
  • Háski: Háski means 'danger' in Icelandic. It was already used as a horse name and now it was approved for a human baby boy as well.
  • Lennon: This English surname was approved. It is sometimes used in the other Nordic countries as well.
  • Palli: This is an Old Danish name which has been used in the Faroe Islands as well. It was approved.
  • Teó: After several unsuccessful attempts to register Theo or Theó as a given name in Iceland, this version was finally approved.
  • Toggi: This pet form of names with a first element ÞOR and a second element beginning with a 'g-' has been in use as a pet name for a long time. Now it was approved as a proper given name as well.


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