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1 April 2021
In March 2021, 14 names were submitted to the Icelandic naming committee for approval. 12 of them were approved and two rejected:

Female Names

  • Arkíta: This Icelandic spelling of the Hindi name अर्किता (Arkita) = 'plentiful' was approved.
  • Bryn: This name is probably a short form of Brynja. It was approved.
  • Imma: This name has been used in the other Nordic countries for many years now and was approved in Iceland now as well.
  • Janey: This new combination of JAN and EY was approved.
  • Karlynja: This new combination of the old name elements KARL and YNJA was approved.
  • Róm: This is probably an Icelandic variant form of Róma and it was approved.
  • Sædóra: This new female form of Sæþór was approved.
  • Tatiana: This female form of Tatianus was rejected ...
  • Tatjana: ... but this Nordic spelling was approved instead.
  • Tatyana: This English spelling of Tatiana was rejected.

Male Names

  • Arman: This Latin spelling of the Kazakh name Арман (Arman) of Persian origin meaning 'dream' was approved.
  • Bryn: This is probably a male form of Brynja (see also Bryn above). It was approved.
  • Emill: This creative spellingof Emil was approved.
  • Myrktýr: This new combination of the name elements MYRK and TYR was approved. In Old Norse, this combination would not have been used because combinations with (almost) the same vowel sound in both elements was avoided.
  • Vetur: This younger form of Vetr was approved. Vetur is the Icelandic vocabulary word for 'winter'.


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