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Old Danish Old Danish
Old Swedish Old Swedish
Norway Norwegian
Sweden Swedish
Finland Finnish
Denmark Danish

Origin and Meaning

Old Danish, Old Swedish and younger form of Knútr [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

In Sweden, Knut has sometimes been used to name the last child of the family (Swedish knut = 'knot' meaning 'stop') [3]

Related Names

See Knútr

Patronyms (male)

Knutsen Norway
Knutson Sweden
Knutsson Old Swedish Sweden

Patronyms (female)

Knutsdatter Norway
Knutsdotter Sweden


Denmark - Danish
Nominative: Knut
Genitive: Knuts
Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Knut
Genitive: Knutin
Partitive: Knutia
Norway - Norwegian
Nominative: Knut
Genitive: Knuts
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Knut
Genitive: Knuts

Name Days

Norway Norway

7 January

Finland (Swedish Language)Finland (Swedish Language) Finland (Swedish Language)

13 January

Sweden Sweden

13 January

Further Information

Tjugondag jul ('Twentieth Day Yule'), or Tjugondag Knut is a traditional festival celebrated in Sweden on 13 January. Christmas trees are taken down and the candies and cookies that decorated the tree are eaten.

Strongest Period of Usage

Predominant Regional Usage


  • Knut Hamsun (né Knud Pedersen, 4 August 1859 – 19 February 1952), Norwegian author and Nobel laureate NNNobel.png (Literature, 1920)
  • Knut Rokne, in the US known as Knute Kenneth Rockne (4 March 1888 - 31 April 1931), American football player and coach with Norwegian roots
  • Knut Nystedt (3 September 1915 – 8 December 2014), Norwegian orchestral and choral composer
  • Knut Robert Faldbakken (born 31 August 1941), Norwegian novelist


Name Count per Country

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Female ♀ Male ♂
Norway Norway[6]
0 n.a. 24450 n.a.
Sweden Sweden[7]
10 51 5110 14518
Denmark Denmark[8]
0 n.a. 133 n.a.
Finland Finland[9]
0 0 n.a. 1379
  #: count of main first name only
  &: count of both main and additional first names
Name counts are approximate as statistics normally is not published
for names given to less than 3 or 5 persons per country.


Recent Statistics Trend

Name statistics for Knut(m) Sources: [7][8][6][9]

Top List Ranking

Name top list ranking for Knut(m) Sources: [10]

Norwegian Historic Statistics Trend

Norwegian historic statistics for Knut(m)

Sources: [7] [8] [6] [9]


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