Swedish Statistics - Regional Distribution

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Names are typically distributed differently within the regions of a country. For Sweden, we have performed an analysis, based on peoples' places of birth in the 19th century.


Based on the 1880 census in Sweden, we have associated peoples' first names with their place of birth. All locations are grouped by region (Swedish: lantskap). Only the first given name is considered in the analysis. Analysis is made only for names present at least 100 times in the database. All persons in the database have been considered; they are born 1880 or earlier with the strongest emphasis in 1840 to 1880 due to normal population evolution. Spelling variants are treated as different names.

In the result pictures, the colour grading is relative to the region with the highest rate of occurrence of this name, i.e. not absolute. Percentage numbers are the relative share of all male or female persons in that region.


Even for common names, the usage range differs widely over the country. E.g. Anna or Johanna and Anders, Johan, Jan or Sven:

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Spelling Variants

Different typographic versions of a name are used in different regions, e.g. Brita and Britta:

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or Carl and Karl:

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Biblical Names

Some biblical names are more usual in Northern Sweden e.g. Jonas or Mikael

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This observation can, not be made for all biblical names, however. Compare the distribution of Jakob/Jacob below, which is most prominent on the island of Gotland.

Skåne Name: Ola

The name Ola, even today associated with Southern Sweden, is quite strictly regionally limited:


Danish and Norwegian Influence

Names with Danish or Norwegian influence can typically be found in Skåne or in Jämtland/Härjedalen, e.g. Ingeborg or Ole:

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Regional Names

Some names are used particularly in certain regions, such as Gertrud or Jakob (also similar for Jacob) and Inger

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Some variants have reached regionally a considerable rate of usage, but have not come into use nationwide and are today rather uncommon, such as Margta:


Low German Influence

Names with Low German origin, such as Annika or Klas are concentrated to areas closer to the major harbours.

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Both Gender's Names

Only one name in the considered statistics base has been used for both male and female persons to a considerable degree, Elis. Notice the different gender associations go female (left) and male (right) in different regions:

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Additionally, the gender association of Elis has shifted to one side over time. In 1880, about 22 % of the name bearers where female, in contrast to today less than 2 %.

Names with Swedish Region Maps

Names are ordered by decreasing commonness in the statistics considered

Female Names

Abela Ada Adela Adelaide Adele Adéle Adelina Adina Adolfina Agda Agnes Agneta Aina Albertina Albina Alexandra Alfhild Alfhilda Alfrida Alice Alida Alina Allida Alma Almida Almina Alva Alvida Alvina Amalia Amanda Ameli Amelia Amelie Ana Andrea Andrietta Andriette Anette Anna Annett Annette Anni Annicka Annie Annika Anny Antoinette Antonia Aqvilina Arvida Assarina Astrid Augusta Augustina Aurora Axelina Barbara Barbro Barbru Beata Beatha Beda Benedicta Benedikta Bengta Benkta Bernhardina Berta Bertha Betty Bina Birgitta Blenda Blända Boel Bolla Bothilda Bothilla Botil Botilda Botilla Brigitta Brita Britha Britta Böret Börta Caisa Cajsa Carin Carolina Catarina Catharina Cathrina Catrina Cecilia Celia Charlotta Charlotte Chatarina Cherstin Christina Christine Cicilia Clara Constance Constantia Cristina Dagmar Davida Desideria Dina Dorotea Dorothea Ebba Eda Edela Edit Edith Edla Elemina Elena Eleonora Elfrida Eli Elida Elin Elina Elis Elisa Elisabet Elisabeth Elise Eljena Ella Ellen Ellida Ellika Elma Elmina Elna Elsa Else Elvira Emeli Emelia Emelie Emerentia Emfrid Emili Emilia Emilie Emma Emmeli Emmy Engel Engla Erica Erika Ester Esther Estrid Eufrosyna Eufrosyne Eugenia Eva Ewa Evelina Fanny Fina Florentina Fredrica Fredrika Frida Georgina Gerda Gertrud Goda Greta Gretha Gunhild Gunhilda Gunild Gunilda Gunilla Gunnil Gunnild Gurli Gustafva Gustafwa Gustava Gölin Göthilda Hanna Hedda Hedvig Helena Helfrid Helfrida Helga Helma Henny Henrietta Henriette Henrika Hertha Hilda Hildegard Hildur Hilma Hulda Ida Inez Inga Ingar Ingeborg Ingegerd Ingegärd Ingelöf Inger Ingerd Ingjerd Ingri Ingrid Jacobina Jakobina Janna Jeanette Jeanna Jenny Johanna Josefa Josefina Josephina Judit Judith Julia Juliana Justina Kaisa Kajsa Karin Karna Karolina Katarina Katharina Kathrina Katrina Kersti Kerstin Kerstina Kjersti Kjerstin Kjerstina Klara Kristin Kristina Laura Laurentia Laurina Lena Leontina Lilly Lina Linda Lisa Lisbet Lisbeth Lotta Louisa Louise Lovisa Lowisa Lucia Lusse Lydia Magda Magdalena Magdlena Maglena Magna Magreta Mait Maja Malena Malin Malvina Manda Margareta Margaretha Marget Margit Margreta Margretha Margta Mari Maria Mariana Marie Marina Marit Marna Marta Martha Martina Mary Mathilda Matilda Metta Milda Mimmi Mina Märet Märeth Märit Märta Märtha Mätta Nancy Nanna Nanny Natalia Nathalia Nelly Neta Nikolina Nilla Nina Nora Olava Oleana Olena Olga Olina Oliva Olivia Olu Otilia Ottilia Ottiliana Paulina Pehrnilla Pella Pernilla Peternilla Petronella Ragnhild Rakel Rebecka Regina Rosa Rosalie Rosina Ruth Sabina Sally Sanna Sara Selina Selma Serafia Severina Signe Signild Sigri Sigrid Siri Sissa Sissela Sofi Sofia Sofie Sophia Stina Susanna Svea Svenborg Syster Teckla Tecla Tekla Teresia Theckla Thecla Thekla Theodora Therese Theresia Thilda Thora Thyra Tilda Tora Troen Tyra Tyre Ulla Ulrica Ulrika Una Ursila Valborg Walborg Vendela Wendela Vendla Wendla Victoria Viktoria Vilhelmina Wilhelmina Wilma Zelma Ädla

Male Names

Abel Abraham Abram Adam Adolf Adolph Adrian Albert Albin Albrekt Alex Alexander Alexis Alexius Alfred Alfrid Algot Algott Alrik Amandus Ander Anders Andreas Anton Antonius Aron Arthur Artur Arvid Assar August Augustin Augustinus Axel Barthold Bengt Benjamin Bernander Berndt Bernhard Bernt Bertil Birger Björn Bonde Bror Bryngel Brynte Börje Calle Carl Charles Christen Christer Christian Christofer Christoffer Claes Claés Claës Clas Conrad Cornelius Daniel David Edvard Edward Edvin Efraim Einar Elias Elis Elof Emanuel Emil Engelbrekt Enoch Enock Enok Eric Erik Erland Ernst Esaias Esbjörn Eskil Evald Fabian Felix Ferdinand Filip Finn Folke Frans Franz Fredric Fredrik Fridolf Frithiof Fritiof Frits Fritz Gabriel Georg Gerhard Gottfrid Gotthard Grels Gudmund Gumme Gunnar Gustaf Gustav Göran Gösta Halfvar Halfvard Halvar Halvard Hampus Hans Harald Helge Helmer Hemming Henning Henric Henrik Herman Herrman Hilde Hilding Hilmer Hjalmar Holger Hugo Håkan Ingel Ingeman Ingemar Isac Isak Israel Israël Ivan Ivar Iwar Jacob Jaen Jakob James Jan Janne Jannes Jarl Jean Jens Jeppa Joachim Joakim Joel Joël Johan Johannes Johannis John Jon Jonas Josef Joseph Josua Julius Justus Jöns Karl Kasper Klaes Klaës Klas Knut Konrad Kristen Kristian Kristofer Kristoffer Lambert Lars Lasse Laurentius Leander Lennart Leo Leonard Levin Linus Liss Lorens Lorents Lorentz Louis Ludvig Magni Magnus Malcolm Malkolm Malkom Manne Marcus Markus Martin Mathias Mathis Maths Matias Mats Mattes Matthias Mattias Mattis Matts Maurits Mauritz Max Melcher Melker Michael Michel Mickel Mikael Mikel Moses Måns Mårten Natanael Nathanael Nestor Niclas Nicolaus Nikanor Niklas Nikolaus Nils Noach Noak Ola Olander Olaus Ole Olle Olof Oscar Oskar Ossian Otto Patrik Paul Paulus Peder Pehr Per Peter Petrus Petter Philip Pontus Pål Pär Ragnar Rasmus Reinhold Richard Rickard Rikard Robert Rolf Rudolf Rutger Salomon Samuel Sander Sanfrid Seth Severin Sigfrid Sigurd Simeon Simon Sixten Sone Stefan Stefanus Sten Sune Svante Swante Sven Swen Svening Sören Tage Teodor Theodor Thomas Thor Thore Thorsten Thure Tobias Tomas Torsten Troed Trued Truls Tufve Ture Ulrik Uno Waldemar Valfrid Walfrid Verner Werner Victor Wictor Viktor Wiktor Vilhelm Wilhelm William Zacharias Zachris Zakarias Zakris Åke